The Hole Truth


Before you rush into anything, make sure you know the facts about body piercing:

  • A piercing hole will expand by 8mm
  • Piercing studios and any person doing piercings
    need to be registered
  • A good studio will have sterile equipment and will use surgical gloves and disposable aprons
  • Infection can form very easily by bacteria, fungus or other germs getting into the piercing
  • You need to look after a piercing for at least six months.


A good or bad piercing studio could be the difference between a nice, neat bit of fashion and a scabby, bloated, pus-filled mess.

It’s best to visit the studio before you have the piercing to check for any potential health risks using the our checklist.

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Looking after a piercing doesn’t end when you walk out of the studio. A few months of extra care is needed.

After having a piercing your skin could be sore, itchy, slightly red or bruised for a few weeks.

It might also bleed a little for the first few days or even secrete white or yellow fluid which crusts on the jewellery.

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